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A2Speed’s HEMI Performance Shop Builds

Looking for a reliable, affordable, and knowledgeable HEMI performance shop? A2Speed is a full service installation shop, with state of the art equipment, and industry leading experience. Our team consists of individuals like Dave Kasper, a former Chrysler calibration engineer and certified viper tech, with over 30 years of proven experience on the Dodge / Chrysler platform. Dave Kasper was the originator and continues to be the leader in late model (GEN 3) HEMI tuning. A2speed team also consists of talented people like Eric Hruza, founder of the Arrington Performance aftermarket program,, and served as that company’s president from its inception through early 2015. Eric is A2Speed’s CEO and heads up new product development. Don Yates, the sales manager, has served customers in the late model HEMI community for years with his deep knowledge of the best combinations to extract power at the best prices.

A2Speed utilizes partnerships with other high profile, leading edge HEMI companies like Ray Barton Racing Engines, Thitek Performance, Molnar Technologies, Edelbrock, SCT, and many others to bring to market products like our full line of HEMI stroker engines. What does that mean for our customers? Well, every product we offer is backed by years of HEMI performance knowledge, and that many of pioneers for the HEMI industry stand behind our products performance and reliability.

A2Speed's 2018 Dodge SRT Demon Package

Here at A2Speed we are proud to unveil our 2018 SRT Shop Demon! We are the first company in the world to get one of these beast on a Chassis Dyno! We just did a few baseline pulls which made 724RWHP stock! We will also be doing some other modifications in the near future. Check back soon for more details.


Toymakerz Edelbrock Supercharged 2015 Challenger RT

Toymakerz teamed up with A2Speed to build a one of a kind Dodge Challenger featuring some very special Edelbrock go fast parts. David Ankin approached us looking to take a bone stock 2015 Dodge Challenger RT to the next level, and we knew just how to make that happen.

Toymakerz CLOSE UP

2018 Dodge Charger Scat Pack Tuned By A2Speed COMING SOON

2018 Dodge Charger Scat Pack with an A2Speed Custom Tune Coming Soon!!!!

2018 Grey Dodge Charger Scat Pack

Hellcat Challenger with A2Speed’s Stage I Hellcat Package COMING SOON

Our Customer came to us looking to make some extra power with our A2Speed Stage I Hellcat Package. Which Needless to say he left a very happy customer. Check back soon for Dyno Video/Graph & More Pictures!


Jonathan’s 2015 Hellcat Stage I Package Coming Soon

Jonathan came to looking to take his Hellcat to the next level and we did just that! He got one of our A2Speed Stage I Hellcat Packages along with a Legmaker Hellcat Cold Air Intake. Needless to say he easily made the jump to 800+RWHP. Check back soon for more pictures and Dyno video!


Hellcat Challenger with A2Speed's Stage I Hellcat Package

Our customer came to us looking to unleash some extra power on his 2015 Hellcat and as well we delivered. He purchased one of our A2Speed Stage I Hellcat Packages paired with a Legmaker Hellcat Cold Air Intake and was able to gain 100+RWHP. Once again another happy customer and another badass Challenger on the streets thanks to A2Speed!


2011 6.4L Shaker Challenger

Our Customer brought us his 2011 6.4L Shaker Challenger with one thing in mind, sound! With our expert knowledge here at A2Speed we were able to deliver the sound he was looking for. We pair one of our custom Comp Cams with a Corsa Extreme Cat Back Exhaust System and the results were great! Check out Tim's page for more details on this bad Challenger.


007’s 2013 Shaker Challenger with A2Speed’s In-House Chassis Dyno & Custom Tuning

James brought us his 2013 Challenger RT to maximize his prior performance upgrades. He added a Edelbrock 2300 Supercharger Kit, Kooks Long Tube Headers, and one of our A2Speed 85MM Throttle Bodies. All we did was add a Custom A2Speed Tune with our In-House Chassis Dyno and once again another happy customer and car out of our doors!


2017 T/A 392 Challenger with A2Speed In-House Chassis Dyno & Custom Tuning

Steve White Motors brought us this beast for a custom tune on our in-house chassis dyno after their install. They strapped on a Magnuson 2300 Supercharger, Drop Inn Fuel System and a pair of Kooks Long Tube Headers.

6.4L T/A Challenger

1000+ RWHP ProCharged 2015 Challenger with Ray Barton/A2Speed’s 426 Long Block

Johnny came to us looking to release the beast in his 2015 Challenger and man this thing is vicious! This ended up being a fairly extensive build which includes one of our Ray Barton/A2Speed 426 Long Block Engines topped with a ProCharger F1-A-94 Supercharger. This build is not for the faint of heart being that this monster is thowing down 1000+RWHP. Johnny was more than thrilled with the outcome of choosing our shop for his custom build!

Johnny’s 2015 426 Long Block Custom Build

Hellcat Challenger with A2Speed’s Stage I, Hellcat Package

Our customer brought us his 2015 Hellcat Challenger looking to upgrade to our stout Stage I Hellcat Performance Package as well as to throw in a extra upgrade in a Hellcat Legmaker In-Take. As always our increasingly popular Stage I Hellcat Package did not disappoint with a gain of 150+RWHP! Once again another thrilled A2Speed customer out of shop our doors!

A2Speed’s Stage I Hellcat Performance Package

Hellcat Challenger with A2Speed’s Stage I, Hellcat Package

Our customer brought us his 2017 Hellcat Challenger looking to upgrade to our stout Stage I Hellcat Performance Package as well as to throw in a couple of other go fast upgrades; Which include a Hellcat Legmaker and a DSS 4” Aluminum Driveshaft. As always our increasingly popular Stage I Hellcat Package did not disappoint with a gain of 180+RWHP! Once again another happy A2Speed customer out of shop our doors!

A2Speed’s Stage I Hellcat Performance Package

2013 5.7L RT Challenger Edelbrock Supercharged

Our customer came to us looking to slap some extra go fast goodies in his 2013 5.7L RT Challenger. He topped it off with a Edelbrock E-Force 2650 5.7L HEMI Supercharger and added additional upgrades as well. This RT Challenger had a great gain in power while still keeping amazing street driveability.

Edelbrock Supercharged 5.7L HEMI RT

Hellcat Challenger with A2Speed’s Stage 1, Hellcat Package

This Hellcat came to us looking to pick up more power and get a little closer to its potential; Of course we delivered! This is one bad Hellcat that burns up the street and ended up cranking out 840+RWHP. Our Hellcat Staged Packages know how to unleash staggering power on the streets as well as the track!

Songer Stage I Hellcat

Hellcat Challenger with A2Speed’s Stage 2, 4.5L Whipple Hellcat Package

Our customer was looking for a 93 octane 850 RWHP daily driver. Our stage 2 Hellcat package was the logical option. This build features a Whipple 4.5L Hellcat Supercharger, Fore fuel system, and a few other goodies! We are absolutely impressed with these 4.5L units, they provide incredible power right from the get go, and leave so much room to grow! Give us a call today to reserve your stage 2 Hellcat package today!

4.5L Whipple Dodge Challenger Hellcat

2016 Hellcat Charger with A2Speed’s Stage 2, 4.5L Whipple Hellcat Package

This Hellcat came to us looking to unleashed the team of horses under its hood. The owner is going with our stage 2 Hellcat package with the upgraded cam option. It turned out to be a monster. This kit includes a Fore Duel pump fuel system, the Whipple 4.5L Hellcat supercharger, and an A2Speed custom cam. The customer also got a TCE-15 inch break conversion and a set of sticky Mickey Thomson slicks.

 Dodge Hellcat Charger Stage 2 Package

Eric’s Dodge SRT 392 Dodge Charger Bolt On Package

Eric brought his dodge charger up to us for a few minor bolt on upgrades. Eric did’nt want to unlock the PCM yet, or have to get the vehicle tuned, but still wanted a few more pony’s. We made it happen for him with an 85mm A2Speed Billet Throttle Body, and a Legmaker True Cold air intake. We got a 40 WHP gain for under $1,000 without any tuning required!

 Dodge SRT Charger Bolt-On Package

Rick’s Dodge Challenger Shaker R/T Hellcat Short Block Conversion

Rick decided it was time for more power out of his supercharged shaker. The path he decided to go was to beef up his bottom end, add a fuel system, and turn the boost up. He made the jump to a Hellcat short block because it added more displacement while allowing him to run more boost. One more happy Hellcat short block swap customer, and another bad ass challenger on the streets!

Supercharged Dodge Challenger R/T With a Hellcat Short Block Swap

Whipple Supercharged Dodge Challenger RT

This Whipple Supercharged Dodge Challenger is in for a custom A2Speed Chassis Dyno Tune. It came out very clean and OEM like. This build is prefect for any 5.7L HEMI owner that wants more power but doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get there. With just this 2.9L Whipple supercharger this 5.7L is putting down over 500 RWHP. Best of all the power band is extremely linear and the supercharger is extremely well behaved. Boost is predictable and can be easily controlled with the throttle..

Supercharged Dodge Challenger 5.7L

Al & Nancy’s 2015 Hellcat Dodge Challenger Head & Cam Upgrade

For this build we have one of our Owners personal car’s in the shop. Al already had an upper and lower pully, with larger injectors installed. We are taking it to the next level with our A2Speed / Thitek ported heads, and an A2speed custom grind camshaft by Comp Cams.

Al’s Car

Carl’s 2013 R/T Challenger Build with A2Speed's first 105mm HEMI Throttle Body

Carl came to A2Speed looking for help on a custom throttle body set up for his build. Well as it goes with most Mopar guys Carl had a few other projects in mind. He’ll be leaving our shop with a custom Throttle Body, and a few other powertrain goodies as well!

Carl’s Car

John’s 6.1L Based 426 Whipple Supercharged Challenger Coming Soon

John came to us looking for a Ray Barton built engine 426 engine that can handle anything you throw at it. We are giving him just that, with a custom built 426 HEMI featuring custom Diamond piston’s, billet main caps, and much more. Top that with a Whipple supercharger and you have a recipe for one bad ass Challenger.

John’s Car

Big Red; Luke’s Optima Ultimate Street Car!

If you ever doubted that a Challenger can handle it’s self on a road course, then you need to check out BIG RED. Luke of Steve White Motors has trusted A2Speed with his Optima Ultimate Street Car for everything ranging from bolt on’s, a full set of our Coil Over Suspension, and Custom Chassis Dyno Tuning. He brought his car up to us this time because he was having limp mode issues with a competitor’s cast VDO style 85mm true bore throttle body. It was replaced with one of our true 90mm Magneti Marelli throttle bodies and got a custom Chassis dyno tune. The results netted Luke an additional 36 HP over our competitors 85mm and that’s only half the story, at 3850RPM he gained a staggering 88 HP. When considering upgrading throttle bodies, do yourself a favor and do it right the first time. A2Speed offers real gains, no false size advertising, no magic mystery sauce, just results.

Greg's Car

Greg's 5.7L to Hellcat Short Block Swap

Greg brought his already supercharged 5.7L Dodge Challenger R/T to us looking for more power. After reviewing the possibilities he decided to try something that hadn’t been done before, swapping a 5.7L short block with a 6.2L Forged Hellcat Short Block. He kept the phase 6 ported 5.7L Eagle heads, the custom blower cam, and rest of his prior installed accessories.

Greg's Car